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Mini UPS

Product Description:
Product Code: Leeer-4-200W
Color: White
Size: 195*142*45 mm
weight: 1.50 kg
This Mini UPS, researched and developed indepently by Leeer, is the smallest UPS in the world. It can be used for various electric appliance besides computer, and because of its Nicad and NI-MH battery, it's helpful for environment protection
Product Features:
1. The smallest UPS in the world. 

2. Applicable to various electric appliance besides computer

3. Uses Nicad or Ni-mh battery, helpful for environment protection

4. Switch control

5. Smart audible & LED alarms

6. Built-in Surge Protection

7. Built-in high voltage protection

8. Built-in low-voltage protection

9. Lightning protection

Technical parameter:
Item Specification
Rated Watts 200W(MAX)
Input Nominal Voltage 90VAC242VAC
Output Nominal Voltage (on battery) 100-240 VAC(10%)X2
Output Frequency (on battery) 50/60 1Hz
Transfer Time <10ms
Battery Nominal Voltage/ Capacitance 12V/1.2AH
Battery type Nicad or NiMh battery
Battery charge time(first time) Over 14 hours
Time of battery (half load) 5 min
Surge Protection Built-in Surge Protection
High-voltage protection Built-in high-voltage protection
Low-voltage protection Built-in low-voltage protection
Thunder and lightning protection Lightning protection
Operating Temperature -18 to 45
Operating Relative Humidity 10% to 95%
Size(mm*mm*mm) 195*142*45 mm
Net weight (kg) 1.50 kg
Mini UPS user manual:
The mini-UPS should be allowed to charge for over 14 hours to ensure sufficient runtime.

The unit is being charged whenever it is connected to utility power, and the unit is should be turned ON by pressing the ON/OFF switch. Then turn on your equipment.

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